What is ternary operator and how to use it?

The ternary operator is a short replacement for the if and else statement. It allows writing the condition elegantly in one line (or multiple if needed) but excluding the keywords mentioned above and the curly brackets.

Ternary operator makes use of two symbols. The question mark (?), if the condition is truthy and then followed by a colon (:) if the condition is false.

// Instead of writing this:

let result = '';

if(condition === 'something'){
	result = 'Condition is true';
else {
	result = 'The condition check failed';

// ... you can use the ternary operator to achieve the same thing

let result = condition === 'something' ? 'Condition is true' : 'The condition check failed';

The above code is Javascript, but the same rule applies in many other languages.

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