sidebar generator

Sidebar Generator

A plugin the generates as many sidebars as you need. Then allows you to place them on any page you wish using conditions. Also if you are a developer, you have the option to display any sidebar in any place.

The generator gives you a nice list of sidebars which includes an ID, Title, and Description.

The plugin can be installed from the WP Admin interface or by downloading it from the official WordPress repository.


  • Unlimited number of sidebars.
  • Replace default theme sidebars using the conditions or globaly just by selecting the sidebar that you want to replace.
  • Show the generated sidebars on any page you wish without touching a single line of code in your theme.
  • Drag to sort sidebar position.

How to install SMK Sidebar Generator?

Like any other WordPress plugin.

Method 1:
The simplest method. Go to WP Admin -> Plugins -> Add new and using the search box from the top right corner on that page, enter “SMK Sidebar Generator“. If feeling lazy, typing only “smk” will return the plugin as the only result. ;))

Method 2:
Drop smk-sidebar-generator to wp-content/plugins/.
More info here:

Developer Helpers

You actually don’t need any of these. The plugin can be managed fully from WP Admin without writing a single line of code. But they are still here in case you feel comfortable writing code and need an exact reference.

Display a sidebar using smk_sidebar function:


Display a sidebar using wp native function:



Display a sidebar using the built-in shortcode:

[smk_sidebar id="sidebarID"]
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