Code Formatter

Code Formatter – is an extension for Google Chrome. Download it from the Chrome Web Store

Meticulously designed for simplicity and efficiency, this extension enhances the readability and aesthetics of CSS, JSON, and JavaScript without unnecessary complexity.

🧑‍💻Key Features:

➡️Syntax Highlighting: Sophisticated syntax highlighting for CSS, JSON, and JavaScript. Easily identify and understand the structure of the code.
➡️Readable Code Formats: Automatically beautifies CSS, JSON, and JavaScript, presenting them in clear and reader-friendly formats.
➡️Effortless Code Management: Enjoy ultimate convenience with one-click options to download or copy the formatted code.
➡️Collapsible Code Sections: Streamline code navigation with collapsible sections. Focus on relevant portions of the code, reducing clutter and enhancing overall readability.
➡️Line Numbers: Keep track of the code effortlessly with integrated line numbers.
➡️Auto-detect Code on Page: No need to manually specify file extensions or toggle settings. Code Formatter intuitively detects CSS, JSON, and JavaScript content on any webpage, regardless of the URL’s extension.
➡️Low Footprint: We believe in lightweight solutions. Code Formatter is compiled to a minimal size, ensuring that your browser’s performance remains unaffected while still enjoying enhanced code readability.

✅Safe and Secure:

Ensuring your privacy and security, Code Formatter was crafted with a strong commitment to keeping your data secure. The extension does not collect any user information and maintains a protective environment, free from intrusive tracking.


Here are a few screenshots of formatted code originally in one line and hard to read.